Essentials Dental Laboratory makes it easy to send a dental impression with ups pickup point

Sending a Dental Case Made Easy by Partnering with UPS

Sending a Case

Sending a dental case to Essentials Dental Laboratory should be as easy as possible, which is why we are teaming up with UPS to help you, our customers, establish a UPS Pickup Point at your office.  You can find an overview of the program here.

Getting Started

Start by following the simple step-by-step instructions provided by UPS in their Creating a UPS Pickup Placard video to establish your office as a pickup location. Next, you can schedule how often you would like UPS to pick up; schedules range from “Only When I Request a Pickup” all the way to “Each Day UPS is Open”.


Once you have completed the 5 steps to establish your office as a UPS Pickup Point and have your Temporary Pickup Placard, you will move on to Confirming a UPS Pickup Point.  You will print, photograph, and input the details necessary for the UPS drivers to find your Pickup Point.  Within a couple of days of the confirmation completion, you will receive an email with an expected service date. A permanent placard will arrive in a few weeks to replace the temporary placard.


If you choose the “Only When I Request a Pickup” option, the Scheduling an On-Demand Pickup video will guide you through how to schedule your pickup, get status alerts, and reminders.

We value your business and know that your time is precious.  We hope that this will make sending a case to our laboratory easier. Please let us know if you have any difficulties setting up your office, and we will be happy to assist.  Contact us at 888.210.4107 at or