Still Outsourcing? Why choosing an American Lab that doesn’t outsource is better.

When it comes time to decide which dental laboratory to use, there are a lot of important details that must be taken into account.  Many dentists may initially only consider price, but price should not be the main deciding factor.  How does this relate to outsourcing?  With the world becoming more globalized, dental laboratories are just another business that has started outsourcing fabrication.

What is outsourcing?  Outsourcing is when a business, such as a dental laboratory, contracts a third party to produce products for them.  When it comes to dental laboratories, many of them in America are outsourcing to foreign countries where their labor costs are lower.  China, Thailand, Vietnam, and South Korea are just a few of the countries that American companies are using for outsourced fabrication.

Why might outsourcing not be right for me?  While not all outsourcing is bad, it does mean that the dental laboratory has less control over the production process, and in many countries, there are fewer safety regulations than there are in America.  Quality can also be an issue.  Quality standards may not be as stringent as you would expect.

Other potential risks:

  • Tainted materials
  • Risk of contamination in the dental work
  • Low quality-poor fit
  • Use of counterfeit products
  • Increased fabrication turnaround times

Why is buying American-made dental products like fixed restorations and removable prosthetics from Essentials Dental Laboratory better?  If we look beyond the risks associated with using a dental laboratory that outsources, there are several benefits of buying American-made products from a trusted company such as Essentials Dental Laboratory.  Customer service is an important one.  There is also the safety and quality assurances that you just cannot get when you use outsourced labs.  Finally, turnaround times, having to wait for an outsourced product to arrive by plane from a country numerous time zones away can leave your patients waiting.  Any unexpected delays, especially during COVID-19, could leave your patients waiting for weeks or worse, months.

At Essentials, we are committed to high-quality products and services and reliable turnaround. If you would like to learn more about our American-made products, please contact us today. You will be glad you did!